Pakistani sailor exposes Australian exporters’ mistreatment of animals on Ship

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has suspended the license of pakistani sailor due to the act against the mistreatment of animals.The protection of every animal is condemned by animal protection organization across the world. the issue has gained the attention and the news went viral. AMSA conducted an inspection on the Awassi Express. The release of live export footage clearly ensure the maltreatment on exported animals.

According to the report The animal protection organization stopped the ship contains stock of 50,0000 animals for  probing investigation. The number of sheep loaded with thousands revealed how the exported animals suffer and died.

Faisal exposed the treatment to the animals while shipped.
“They just died in front of us. Just one by one. One after another… I mean, you are just putting live animals into the oven.’’

He also told that the animals are forced to stand 3 weeks consecutively. Due to no airflow, the insides of the container is no air and high humidity. He also called the northern hemisphere summer conditions as a ‘blast furnace’.

Pakistani sailor raised Mistreatment


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