ACLC Karachi has busted 8- member gang of car thieves from Punjab and arrested 3 of its most active members including the kingpin who had been convicted several times in cases related to vehicle snatching, theft and fraud in Faisalabad, Okara, Sheikhupura and Lahore districts.

The gang had recently shifted to Karachi to evade apprehension by Punjab Police and get a new lease of life on their criminal activities. Having found a living shelter in a shanty locality of Khamiso Goth, the gang was mostly active in neighbouring areas of Central Karachi and stole about 40 vehicles in the current year targeting Toyota Corolla & Suzuki Mehran as the choicest booty.

The stolen vehicles would be later sold in Southern belt of Punjab and Peshawar on fake documents to gullible customers. Probably taking a clue from practice of late registration of First Information Reports in vehicular theft cases by Karachites, the thieves would take the vehicles out to Punjab on original number plates expecting least chance of being caught by personnel of law enforcement agencies at the check posts.

5 vehicles have been recovered so far while authorities in Punjab are being contacted to arrest other absconding gang members and effect recovery of remaining stolen vehicles. FIP. SSP ACLC


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